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December 2008 Newsletter

No More "Me Too" Marketing

Before you can beat your competitors, customers have to be able to tell you apart. Here are 3 steps to becoming the leader of the pack.

Are you guilty of "me too" marketing? If so, you're not alone. It seems no matter what's being marketed, you'll find the majority of competitors have virtually interchangeable messages and offers. Take away the names and logos and it's hard to tell the companies apart. And that can spell big trouble for sales if your company is buried in the pack.

Get it Done: 12 Shortcuts to Get Marketing Done Faster

When it comes to marketing, good enough and get it done are better than perfection.

I think most marketers should aim for "get it out" and "good enough" rather than aim for perfection.

* Perfection is impossible to achieve.
* Marketing campaigns and materials spend too long in concept and development.
* Waiting for perfection causes significant delays in get your message out.

How to Plan Your 2009 Marketing Budget

Many marketing professionals are currently starting to pull their marketing plans and budgets together for 2009.

If you are faced with making some hard choices due to budget cut backs because of an uncertain economy, then let me offer some advice.

Attempting to spread your marketing investment across as many different media as possible is dangerous. Depth in media is absolutely essential to get the results you want.

June 26, 2019

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