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February 2007 Newsletter

Eight Cardinal Sins That Mortgage People Often Commit

If you could identify mistakes that are killing your bridge game, or your golf game, or your exercise routine, or your budget plan, or whatever, would you take heed of that information and correct those mistakes?

Of course you would, and so would I. But how about the critical mistakes we sometimes make as Mortgage Professionals? Have you determined if you're making some major mistakes in your mortgage career?

Consumer Direct Marketing - Don't Leave Your Mortgage Business Without It

You may be very happy contacting and schmoozing Realtors/Agents/Builders and begging for their business or, possibly purchasing leads and then competing with three or more originators for the mortgage. But, there are many loan officers and mortgage brokers working with prospects, home buyers and sellers, many months before they even think about contacting a Realtor/Agent.

It's called "Consumer Direct Marketing" and the mortgage professionals that are incorporating this principle into their marketing programs, are way ahead of you. And yes, it's simply marketing to consumers, prospects, and clients long before they decide to make a mortgage decision.

Copywriting Training: The Fundamentals You Need To Understand When Writing Copy

When you are trying to learn how to write an effective sales letter in any copywriting training course, you need to first recognize and understand the basics. The basics are crucial in order for the sales letter to flow nicely. I will briefly elaborate on them.

1. The Qualifier

A qualifier is a term to let the reader know to whom this sales letter is intended to. A pre-header if you will. If you did not apply a qualifier into the sales letter there could be a misinterpretation of information. For example, a man looking for ways on how to fish better would not want to read a sales letter on copywriting training.

June 26, 2019

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