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February 2009 Newsletter

8 Sure-Fire Tips for Enticing Readers in Your Mortgage Marketing Letters

Because I’m a copywriter, my opinion is likely a little biased, but I truly feel the power of the pen is mightier than the spoken word. When we listen to someone speak, the words we hear are rarely repeated – unless requested – and they don’t have the same “staying power” as a phrase permanently placed on a piece of paper.

In addition, the written word has the potential of reaching a wide audience; whereas spoken words are limited by the number of people listening to what you’re saying.

2009: The Year of One-to-One Marketing

Great letters make for strong sales. Start the new year out right by building relationships one letter at a time.

As we kick off 2009, one thing is crystal clear: We're entering an entirely new era for marketers. Let's call this the year for building relationships. Right now, prospects want to make every purchase a safe one. That means they'll rely on companies or brands they know and trust. Closing sales will require a stronger emphasis on tactics that let you relate to customers one to one. And it's never been more important to craft a set of effective letters that you can customize for individual prospects.

June 26, 2019

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