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January 2009 Newsletter

What to do When You Feel Defeated in the Mortgage Industry

Every day I hear from loan officers across the country who are fed-up with low commissions and dwindling paychecks as the reality of the new mortgage economy sets in. They’ve had it and many can’t hold on much longer. Others take a more balanced view and decide to hanker down and weather the rough seas ahead by changing their approach.

7 Fatal Flaws of Direct Mail

Direct mail can be extremely effective if done properly. Successful direct mail doesn’t depend on fancy, four-color design or “creative” copy. This article discusses the seven most common direct mail mistakes and how to avoid them.

Flaw #1: Ignoring the importance of the mailing list

How to Measure a Successful Marketing Campaign

One of the biggest mistakes any new business can make is not completely evaluating all aspects of a marketing campaign.

Let's say you are an online publisher and you have just written a book on flowers. You have contributions from some of the best florists and landscaping experts in the world, a catchy headline, killer advertising copy, and an offer that has been screened through focus groups and surveys so you have confidence that you've developed a best-seller. You spend time and effort developing a landing page so anytime someone clicks on your ads, you are able to capture contact information with an offer of a free special report, even if the visitors do not buy your product.

June 26, 2019

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